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Career Development

Career Development

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Career Planning

The company builds four major platforms for business management, professional technology, marketing, and grassroots production according to the needs of enterprise development. Based on the people-oriented principle, the principle of giving full play to personal abilities and displaying personal talents, combining talents, professions and their own hobbies and interests, each is tailored Career planning for employees, the implementation of multi-post, trial, and rotation mechanisms to stimulate the best potential of employees, and at the same time continue to increase personnel training, implement a combination of learning training and on-the-job training, focus on the training and improvement of the actual business of talents, and establish and improve talents Cultivate safeguard measures, fully excavate and cultivate human resources, truly realize the same development and progress of employees and the company, and strengthen the company's overall talent team.


Employee career development channel

Management channel [Promotion according to job development]

Internship Staff Business Leader Deputy Minister Minister Assistant to General Manager Deputy General Manager

Professional and technical channels [promoted by job title development]

InternshipAssistant EngineerEngineerSenior EngineerSenior Engineer

Marketing channel

Internship Salesman Sales Manager Deputy Minister Minister Sales Director

Channel conversion

The channel can be promoted according to the level;

Technical channels can be converted to marketing, management, and technical channels;

The technician channel can be converted to marketing and management channels;

Marketing channels can be converted to management channels.

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