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As one of the early professional manufacturers of composite boats in China, the company actively implements the "Marine Power" strategy, relying on…
At present, carbon fiber has high specific strength and specific modulus, low density, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance and fatigue resistance…
The company is a professional research and development and manufacturing enterprise of high-performance engineering plastics and resin matrix composite protective equipment, with domestic advanced injection molding, rotational molding, winding, rolling, etc.…
The company is the first in the industry to introduce a complete set of advanced equipment from Europe, and its molding technology is at the domestic advanced level. It is the presiding unit of drafting national standards.…
Garden art landscape products integrate decoration and practicality, and are known as "urban art furniture". All kinds of landscape sculptures, structures and garden sketches are unique in design…
Relying on advanced material technology, unique molding process and technical achievement transformation capabilities, the company can provide customers with solutions from design, product manufacturing to maintenance services, etc.…


 Qinhuangdao Yaohua Equipment Group Co., Ltd

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