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HR Strategy

HR Strategy

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Core Concepts:

Let the person who wants to work has the opportunity, the person who can work has the stage, the person who does the job has the status to have the treatment. Only meritocracy can be used.  


Company selection principles:

The principle of integrity and ability

The selection and use of talents should be in accordance with the overall measurement and the requirement of having both moral and ability. We should insist that those who have moral and ability are mediocrities, those who have moral and ability are villains, and that moral and ability should not be prejudged.  


Practice first

All to the company to work all kinds of professional talents, we are first arranged to the workshop production line, so that they improve in practice, select the best.  


The principle of "everyone is a talent"

In the use of talent, the elimination of the mold and mystification, to achieve the appropriate for people, the amount is applicable. As long as in the appropriate position to give play to the maximum degree of intelligence, is a meaningful talent. According to this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, personality, etc., they are arranged to a relatively suitable position, so as to make full use of their talents and do their best to promote the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

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