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Speech by Chairman
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Description:Speech by chairman
Description:Speech by chairman

All the way through wind and rain, I like to see the spring and autumn. Yaohua Equipment Group came into being and striving to grow with the development of the composite material industry in New China. After more than sixty years of hard work and hard work, several generations of Yaohua people have taken "Glory to China" as their historical mission. From focusing on product quality to pursuing industry brands, from unique ingenuity in R&D and design to perfect interpretation of boutique equipment, they compete in the market Constantly innovate and forge ahead with hard work.


Time does not live, God pays for work. We will always keep the original intention of starting a business, keep in mind the mission of serving the country, keep pace with the times, stand up to the forefront, and strive to make the company continue to be a leader in composite materials equipment with advanced technology, reliable products, well-serviced, and excellent value, and serve customers with development results. Contribute to society.


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