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"Water wave" in Tianjin Wuqing Business District

This project is located in the newly-built commercial planning area of Wuqing, Tianjin. Landscape products include vehicle bridge handrails, pedestrian bridge handrails, bar seats, triangular seats, high and low seats, landscape boxes, landscape pavilions, water wave structures and many other composites.

"Origami" in Sanlihe, Qian'an, Hebei

The project is located along the Sanli River in Hedong District in the east of Qian'an City, Hebei Province. Sanli River is the mother river of Qian'an, carrying the long history of Qian'an and many memories of ordinary people.

Bianhe Park, Suzhou

This project adopts composite materials to perfectly combine barrier-free ramp retaining wall and bench together, forming a novel design technique and a beautiful scenery.

Xi'an Urban Ecological Park

Xi’an Urban Ecological Park covers an area of 1,700 acres and has a planned total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.

Beijing Tongzhou North Canal Bridge

The Tongzhou North Canal Bridge has a total length of more than 360 meters. The entire sealing system of the bridge and the three-layer landscape trail system are composed of a series of irregular and shaped FRP curved sandwich panel components.

Fengshan Park, Yongding, Fujian

This project is located in Fengshan Park, Yongding city, Fujian Province. The corridor frame made of composite materials has a unique and novel shape, which not only ensures the stability of the structure, but also meets the modeling requirements of the design.

Sichuan Leshan High-speed Railway Station

As a popular tourist destination in Sichuan, leshan's new high-speed railway station plaza stands out in the rainy Sichuan basin.

"Flowing Clouds and Water Sleeve Bridge" in Suining, Jiangsu

Landscape products such as Xique Chaoli, leisure pavilions, gallery frames, and seats are all made of composite materials.

Beijing Daxing Sports Park

The composite products in Beijing Daxing Sports Park cleverly combine practicality, functionality and artistry.

Dashi Park, Qinhuangdao

Dashi Park is one of the "6+2" people's livelihood projects in Qinhuangdao City. The red lighthouse, lotus, pen holder and other landscape facilities with the symbolic meaning of "harmony, harmony and unity" have been built in the park.

Beidaihe Tiger Stone Park

This project is located on the west side of Beidaihe Seashore Tiger Rock Park. The open-air performance stage is more than 80 meters long and the widest part is about 18 meters.

"Red Ribbon" in Tanghe Park, Qinhuangdao

This project is a key landscape sculpture in the landscape reconstruction project on both banks of the Datang River in Qinhuangdao City.
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