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Energy-saving Light Panels
The company is the first in the industry to introduce and absorb advanced equipment from Europe, and its molding technology is at the domestic advanced level. It is the presiding unit of drafting national standards. The lighting board is the first to pass the appraisal in the industry and has been awarded the title of provincial and ministerial product. The association recommends products. Series of energy-saving daylighting panels, anti-corrosion panels, deep-processed panels, windshield and dust suppression panels have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, light transmission, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, antibacterial, anti-fouling, aging resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. The products are rich in color and length. The selection of cross-sections is diverse, and it is widely used in the architectural decoration fields of industry, commerce, agriculture and public facilities.

Deep processing Panels


FRP Coal Conveyor Belt

Yaohua FRP Coal Conveyor Belt is a coal receiving cover plate independently developed by Yaohua for the conveyer belt in coal yard.


FRP Embossed Panel

The product has strong antibacterial property, good decorative effect, anti-wear and easy to clean, and is a sanitary and safe wall, partition and ceiling material.

FRP Gutter

Yaohua FRP gutter and water guide board adopt weather resistant and flame retardant environmental protection formula.

FRP Sandwich Panel

Yaohua brand carriage board imported production equipment from Europe to realize the automatic feeding of composite core material, numerical control setting of glue quantity, automatic glue spraying and numerical control cutting. The product is recommended for use in motorhomes, vans, refrigerated vehicles, etc.

GRP Trim

Yaohua brand GRP Trims is made of high-strength unsaturated polyester resin, CTG fiberglass chopped strand mat, Class A and 301I anti-aging film imported from the United States.

FRP Hollow Panel

Yaohua hollow reinforced lighting insulation board belongs to high strength weather-resistance and corrosion-proof plate.
Products can be imported from Finland UV absorption agent. Recommended for industrial doors and Windows, hangar doors, garage doors, special industrial doors, etc.

Energy-saving light Panels


FRP Dome Skylight

Yaohua brand FRP Dome Skylight has excellent performance such as high lighting efficiency, soft and comfortable light, UV protection, heat insulation and cold protection.

FRP Curved skylight

Yaohua brand FRP Curved skylight can adjust the daylighting value according to the needs of the site.

FRP Fire Resistant Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP Fire Resistant are high-strength flame-retardant weather-resistant daylighting panels.

FRP Super-Wide Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP Super-Wide Sheets are high-strength weather-resistant daylighting panels

FRP Steel Edge Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP steel edge panels are divided into single-layer steel edge harvesting daylighting panels and double-layer hollow steel edge harvesting daylighting panels.

FRP Weather Resistant Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP Weather Resistant Sheet are high-strength weather-resistant daylighting panels

FRP General Skylight Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP General Skylight Sheets are high-strength weather-resistant daylighting panels, using Yaohua 193U unsaturated polyester resin matrix.

Anti-corrosion Panels


FRP Gel Coated Panel

Yaohua brand gel coat type anti-corrosion board is a high-strength weather-resistant anti-corrosion board.

FRP Film Coated Sheet

Yaohua brand film-coated anti-corrosion board is a high-strength weather-resistant anti-corrosion board.

Windshield and Dust Suppression Board


FRP Windshield and Dust Suppression Sheet

Yaohua brand FRP Windshield and Dust Suppression Sheet is smooth, plump, water and abrasion resistance, oil resistance, good insulation, and beautiful appearance.

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