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YH2630 Fishing Boat
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YH2630 Fishing Boat

YH2630 Fishing Boat
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I. Overview
Boat length: 26.30m
Boat width: 5.00m
Depth: 1.80m
Draft: 0.9-1.5m
Passengers: 12 people (including 2 crew members)
Main machine: Weichai WD10G155×1 unit (114kw/1350rpm)
Gear box Hangto 135 (2.5:1)
Aviation Speed: 12 kn
Full load displacement: 30t
Fresh water tank: 2000L

Capacity of refrigerated fish: 2 X 15M3
This boat is a Class III yacht (no more than 20 n mile from the shore, and its minimum design significant wave height (Hs) is 2m). It does not sail at night or in fog.

II. Description of each system
1. Propulsion system
The main engine of this boat is Weichai WD10G155×1. The single engine rated power is 114KW/1350rpm. Under its rated power, the maximum speed of the boat can reach 12Kn.
2. Main engine control and steering system
The main engine is operated by electronic control and remote control. A remote control device is provided on the bridge. The speed of the main engine is adjusted through the remote control line through the control handle. The main engine stop switch can be remotely started and stopped. The main engine fresh water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, engine oil temperature gauge, and main engine tachometer are installed on the driving console to monitor the operating status of the main engine. The steering system adopts the tail engine with its own steering system. Turn the hand wheel on the bridge to control the steering of the tail gear.
3. Fuel system
The diesel engine of this boat uses light diesel oil, which is supplied through the fuel pipe system. There are 2 fuel tanks with a capacity of 1000L in F9-F12. The fuel passes through the fuel pipeline and passes through the fuel filter to supply fuel to the main diesel engine.
4. Ventilation system
There are 2 inlet style grilles at the front of the cabin, and 2 outlet style grills on both sides of the tail, which are used for natural ventilation during sailing to ensure fresh cabin air and take away heat in the cabin. Air inlets and outlets are equipped with closing devices .

5. Bilge water system
A mobile DC electric bilge pump (FL-2500) is installed to discharge the crew's bilge water to overboard.
A DC electric bilge pump (FL-2500) is set up to discharge the engine room bilge water outboard.
There is a bilge pump (40CWZ-6) next to the main engine that doubles as a fire pump. When a large amount of water enters the engine room, the bilge water can be discharged outboard through this pump.
6. Power system
6.1 The first group of storage battery DC1 (6-CQA-195 type 2 pieces), DC24V power supply as the host start power supply. When the host completes normal operation, it can charge the battery pack by itself.
6.2 The second battery pack DC2 (6-CQA-195 type 2), DC24V power supply as the ship's backup power supply.
6.3 One shore power plug, AC230 32A, and 30 meters shore wire.
7. Fire fighting system
This boat is equipped with a 40CWZ-6 type fire pump with a machine belt, fire hydrants, hoses, water guns, etc. on the tail deck; 12 bottles of 5Kg dry powder fire extinguishers, and 5 bottles of 5KgCO2 fire extinguishers instead of fixed fire extinguishing systems for engine room fire fighting. 2 barrels.
8. Anchoring and mooring system
The boat is equipped with 5 cross bollards on the fore and aft sides. The bow is equipped with a 33kg high holding power anchor, φ20, a 100m long anchor cable, and two φ20, 40m long mooring cables, both of which are nylon cables, and an additional φ20, 100m long towline.

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